Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekly News November 14, 2016

Cantone Community Weekly News
November 14, 2016

This week’s assignments (Due Monday, November 21):
  • Cursive “x” and “y” - remember to trace a letter and then write a letter.
  • Read for 15 minutes or more every day, including Saturday and Sunday, and record what you read and for how long you read on your Reading Log.
  • Play outside, Eat dinner together and have a conversation, Read together

Weekly News:

  • Thank you to Samantha’s mom for coming in for Family Share and teaching us how to make a bird feeder out of a pine cone.

  • Parent Teacher Conferences are next week. If you haven’t signed up for one yet, I still have open times. If you can’t make it on those two days, please contact me and we can arrange another time that is convenient for you. You can email me,, or call the school, 659-3935.

  • Report cards will go home Friday.

  • In math, the students are practicing making arrays and tape diagrams to model the commutative property. They will also practice the distributive property.

  • In science, Skills and Listening and Learning we are beginning a unit on Animal Classification. The students learned the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate. Ask your child to explain what these words mean.

  • In writing, the students are working to “disguise” a turkey so it doesn’t become Thanksgiving dinner. They are writing about the turkey’s disguise using lots of description and an explanation of why the turkey is in disguise. Ask your child how he/she disguised the turkey.

  • We have an opportunity to get free books for our classroom by collecting UPC labels from SunnyD and Fruit2O products. If you use these products, please send in your labels. We need 20 labels before November 30 to get 20 books. See the attached flyer.

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