Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 3 Weekly News

Cantone Community Weekly News
October 3, 2016

This week’s assignments (Due Tuesday, October 11):
  • Cursive “r” and “s” - remember to trace a letter and then write a letter.
  • Read for 15 minutes or more every day, including Saturday and Sunday, and record what you read and for how long you read on your Reading Log.
  • Play outside
  • Eat dinner together and have a conversation
  • Read together

Weekly News:

  • In math, we began Topic B which is “Division as an Unknown Factor.” The children divided counters into equal groups and wrote a division equation to show how many were in each group. Attached are explanations of the lessons we will cover this week. Next week the children will take a test on Topic B.

  • Open House is Wednesday, October 12, 6:00-7:30 pm. I am looking forward to meeting you and the children are excited to show you their classroom and what they do at school.

  • In science the children learned how water travels through the earth and atmosphere and played a water cycle game where they followed a drop of water through the water cycle. They made a bracelet with beads to show where the drop of water had been. Ask your child to use the bracelet and key that went home on Friday to show you where his/her drop of water went. We will begin a unit on weather this week.

  • Our butterfly hatched on Friday and we released it. Ask your child to describe the butterfly’s life cycle.

  • In Listening and Learning, I began reading The Wind in the Willows to the children. A note went home about this Unit last week. We will be looking at perspective and the themes of friendship/loyalty, hospitality, responsibility, and irresponsibility. Ask your child to tell you which characters exhibit these themes and to describe what they do that fits with the theme.

  • You can stay in contact with me through the Remind App. I also have started a classroom Blog where I will post the Weekly News and pictures of some of the things we are doing in class. You can see the blog at

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